School Travel Plans


SRTS travel plans include strategies for Education, Encouragement, Enforcement and Evaluation activities, as well as recommendations for physical changes to sidewalks, roadway crossings and trails leading to their campus. SRTS Travel Plans are an excellent opportunity to:

  • Bring together key stakeholders to collaborate and identify what the needs are and how to improve walking and biking conditions.
  • Develop a comprehensive road map for SRTS implementation.
  • Prioritize next steps.
  • Build momentum and support. 
  • Establish a foundation for future grant applications.

Creating a SRTS Travel Plan is relatively straightforward once you know the steps. Watch our webinar on How to Create a SRTS Travel Plan, or take a look at our Travel Plan Toolbox, which includes a series of tip sheets and corresponding activity worksheets that address each step in the travel plan development process. The filled-out activity worksheets can even be bound together to create a plan!

Schools that have received assistance with travel plans and safety assessments are shown in the map below. Click on the school points for additional information, including SRTS travel plan download links for the 22 schools that have received Resource Center travel plan assistance. Links to the travel plan downloads are also provided by region below the map.