SCDOT and the Resource Center highly encourage School Partners to evaluate your program. We utilize the data collection forms created by the National Center for Safe Routes to School.

Start with performing student tallies at the beginning of your program and at regular intervals going forward. 

  • Instructions for setting up a student trave tally on saferoutesdata.org can be found here
  • The student tally paper form can be found here.
  • A tip sheet for conducting student tallies can be found here.

Next, parent surveys can provide valuable insight into how to target your program.

  • Instructions for setting up a parent survey on saferoutesdata.org can be found here.
  • The parent survey paper form can be found here.   

Talk to your SOC for tips on administering these tallies and evaluation methods.

Visit the saferoutesdata.org for online survey options, material in other languages, and more tools for evaluation.

Below are examples of the results from the parent surveys, courtesy of the National Center for SRTS: