The South Carolina SRTS Resource Center encourages each of our school Partners to work with state and local law enforcement.


Law Enforcement Specific Materials

These resources are available for purchase through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

  • Enforcing Pedestrian Safety Laws/Enforcing Bicycle Safety Laws for Law Enforcement Officers.  These roll call training videos introduce law officers to pedestrian and bicycle safety.  Each video provides an introduction to the common violations that contribute to pedestrian or bicycle crashes involving motorists.  Each video discusses the importance of law enforcement in pedestrian and bicycle safety respectively, including identifying high-risk behaviors, enforcement activities, and reporting of crashes. Click here to order.
  • NHTSA Pedestrian Safety Training for Law Enforcement.  This computer-based, self-paced, interactive training program is designed to help law enforcement officers understand the factors involved in pedestrian crashes, identify effective enforcement countermeasure techniques, understand the importance of complete and accurate pedestrian crash reporting, and become pedestrian safety advocates in the community. Click here to order.
  • Enhancing Bicycle Safety:  Law Enforcement’s Role (CD-ROM Training).  This self-paced interactive training program teaches law enforcement officers: application of traffic laws that apply to bicyclists and motorist interactions with bicyclists; common infractions causing bicycle/motorist crashes; and why enforcement of the laws is important. Successful completion of the training may enable law enforcement officers to receive continuing education units. Click here to order.

Ongoing Activities

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