Become a School Partner

As a Partner of the Resource Center your school is eligible to receive technical assistance and program support at no cost.

There are four partnership achievement levels that build towards establishing a long-term, sustainable SRTS program at your school.

With each partnership level you will receive a corresponding branding seal to attach to your program material and a window decal for your school entrance. As you achieve the goals associated with each partnership level, you may apply for the next seal at any time.

The Resource Center will help you

Your Goals


Get Going! Get your SRTS program established.

  • Participate in at least one annual event such as South Carolina or International Walk to School Day
  • Assemble a SRTS team
  • Identify a SRTS School Champion


Build up Momentum! Start annual traditions and build SRTS awareness.

  • Organize annual spring and fall Walk to School Days
  • Get the word out about the program with materials you can customize for your school
  • Host a SRTS presentation to stakeholders at your school
  • Conduct student travel surveys at the outset of your program and again 4-6 months into implementation


Get a Plan! Write a Travel Plan for your SRTS program.

  • Host a skills event such as a safety assembly
  • Organize a neighborhood safety audit walk
  • Draft a SRTS Travel Plan
  • Sustain an on-going weekly program, such as Walking Wednesdays
  • Conduct a parent survey on travel preferences


Achieve Sustainability! Make your SRTS program part of your school's identity.

  • Integrate SRTS with your school reward system
  • Enable and encourage staff throughout the school to participate in SRTS
  • Select a classroom curriculum that suits your school's needs
  • Implement in-classroom SRTS education
  • Secure your school's PTA or a similar group as a long term partner
  • Share your successes and lessons learned at the local and national level

Please refer to the Partnership Program sheet for a description of the partnership levels.

Fill out the enrollment form and fax or email it back to the Resource Center.