What's Happening


  • Start planning for South Carolina Walk to School Day (SC WTSD) with a New Year’s Walk! SC WTSD is on the first Wednesday of the first full week in March.


  • American Heart Month! Celebrate with a heart themed walk/bike to school event.
  • Host a Safety Walk Assessment with your students during the day so they can see how safe it could be to walk/bike to school. Also, this is great way to pick a route for a designated walk!


  • South Carolina Walk and Roll to School Day is the first Wednesday of the first full week in March!
  • National Bike to School Day registration typically opens during the third week in March. Sign up early to let everyone know that your school will be participating!


  • Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd! Host a clean-up day around campus to get students up and walking!
  • Start advertising for your Bike to School Day event! Play some educational videos to remind everyone about Bicycle Safety!  http://www.pedbikeinfo.org/bicyclesaferjourney/


  • Bike Month
  • National Bike to School Day is typically the 2nd Wednesday of May
    • Host a Bicycle Rodeo in your community or school
    • Contact your local law enforcement to ask their Bike Patrols to talk to your students about Bike Safety
    • Contact your local bike shops for guest speakers and potential giveaways!
    • Register events at www.walkbiketoschool.org


  • Save the event dates for next school year
    • International Walk to School Day in October
    • SC Walk to School Day in March
    • National Bike to School Day in May