2013 Success Stories

The following sections showcase successful programs across the state during the 2013-2014 school year. 



Ebenezer Avenue Elementary School is unique within the Rock Hill School District as the only elementary school to include sixth grade. When the principal and SRTS Team assembled in 2012 to discuss how to increase the number of students walking to school, they went straight to the source by engaging the sixth grade students.

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Leaphart Elementary School has achieved remarkable participation in walk and bike to school events since 2005, but in 2011 school staff was ready to take their SRTS program a step further. Each year, students and parents turn out for every SRTS international, national, and statewide walking and biking event in droves. Yet, in the days following the event, walking rates trickle down to a handful of students, and biking often stops altogether. In the fall of 2011, school staff took action to sustain enthusiasm for walking and biking and to create long-term changes in student travel patterns.

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Safe Routes to School is a fully institutionalized program at Oakbrook Middle School, but this was not always the case. In 2012, a parent interested in promoting health and obesity prevention learned about SRTS programs and the Resource Center’s comprehensive approach to improving the health and safety of students. With the help of the Lowcountry’s SRTS School Outreach Coordinator (SOC) and the support of the school principal, Brion Rutherford, Oakbrook Middle School started a SRTS program as a way to encourage physical activity through walking and biking to school.  Within a year, the program evolved as the PTA formed a wellness committee charged with leading SRTS activities and events to promote student health, wellness, and safety.

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These stories are only a part of the rich history of Safe Routes to School in South Carolina. See more in the Success Story archive.