Travel Plan Toolbox

To help local communities enhance their Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs, the South Carolina SRTS Program and the Resource Center have developed a Travel Plan Toolbox. The Toolbox includes a series of tip sheets and corresponding activity worksheets that address each step in the travel plan development process. Communities may use these resources individually or together depending on their needs. Communities that complete all of the activity worksheets and submit them to the Resource Center and SCDOT can meet the travel plan requirement for achieving Gold-level Partner status.

Tip Sheets

1. Building the Framework for a Safe Routes to School Travel Plan
2. Assembling a SRTS Team and Developing a Vision Statement
3. Collecting Baseline Data
4. Identifying Issues and Opportunities
5. Identifying and Prioritizing Strategies
6. Planning the First Year of Implementation
7. Finalizing and Building Support for a SRTS Travel Plan
8. Sustaining the Momentum of the Plan

Activity Worksheets

1, Cover
2. SRTS Team Roster and Vision Statement
3. Baseline Data
4. Issues and Opportunities
5. Strategies and Priorities
6. 12-Month Strategy Calendar and First Year Infrastructure Implementation
7. Public Input Process and Endorsements
8. Travel Plan Review